Bowen Racecars – Official U.S. Legend Cars Dealer



Bowen Racecar was founded in 2015 by North Carolina native John Bowen.  BRC is currently located in Tioga, PA providing service to PA/NY and surrounding areas.

Starting in January of 2017, BRC is an official U.S. Legend Cars International parts dealer for Northern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tiers of New York.  BRC will service Chemung Speedrome and surrounding tracks.

Over the past several seasons, BRC has become a proven winner in the Northeast Legends Car scene.  With feature wins at track such as Chemung, Evans Mills, Holland, Shang-II, Bethel, and Lake Erie along with State Championships in both Pennsylvania and New York.

Previous Experience
2004-2009 – Late Model Stock Mechanic – Performancenter Racing
2006-2006 – Late Model Stock Mechanic – Rob Fuller Motorsports
2007-2008 – Late Model Stock Mechanic – Charlie Sigmon Racing
2008-2010 – Legends Car Mechanic – Chase Pistone Inc
2010-2013 – Marketing Manager – Kenzie Ruston Racing
2010-2013 – Assisted with Legend Cars – 860 Motorsports
2013-Current – Legends Car Crew Chief – Matt Kurzejewski Racing
2015-Current – Legends Car Crew Chief – Youngs Racing